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Product Strategist

2021 - Present

  • Visionary - Product strategy via analysis of user and market trends

  • Project Management - Applying best Scrum practices and adjusting them into teams unique needs

  • Research & Investigation - Experimenting to apply best AI/ML practices for different products

  • Productivity - Creating templates and automation processes that speed up the new data onboarding time by 25%

  • Delivery - Prioritize considering their added value to the product, development time and available resources 

  • Communication and presentation - Stakeholder and expectations management  ensuring unified product strategy across all departments. 

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Kin and Carta Consultancy

Chicago, Illinois

Product Development Manager

2018 - 2021

  • Innovative - Visionary concept and product development

  • Goal-getter - ideation to market launch and profitable monetization 

  • Team manager - Interview, hire and engage with people

  • Business development - Directing growth, marketing and sales operations 

  • Social media marketing - Managing content and building audience

  • Product Development - Incorporating sales and customer feedback 

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Product of the 80s

Houston, Texas

Product Manager

2017 - 2019

  •  Strategic planning  - Product roadmap via analysis of user and market trends

  •  Delivery - Break down features into tasks and prioritize considering their added value to the product, development time and available resources 

  • Cross-functional coordination - Unified product strategy in all departments. Collaboration with sales, customer success, administration and development

  • Productivity - Break down features into tasks and prioritize considering added value, development time and available resources.  Efficiency increased 40% by added value  prioritization (KPI Assessment)

  • Communication and presentation - Writing user stories and preparing bi weekly scrum meetings 

  • Design - Informative mockups and AB testing for better UX

Rydoo ( Previously Xpenditure)

Mechelen, Belgium

Product Marketing Manager

2015 - 2017


BBVA Garanti Payment Systems

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Big Data Analysis - Customer profiling and behavior analysis to determine attributes and target market of the next campaign.130% increase in number of customers benefiting from campaigns in 6 months.

  • Project Management - automated retention activities by decision tree

  • Resource management - yearly budget allocation

  • KPI Management - Target management and motivation activities for sales team and support units, collectively consisting of 20 people

  • Cross-functional coordination - Collaboration and training across the company to introduce new products

Junior Consultant / Internship



Internexus Consulting

Ankara, Turkey

  • Process Analysis - Understood and analyzed current business operation process and underlined the pain points

  • Compliance Analysis - Prepared reports for the possible suitable government supports (Turquality, TKDK, KOSGEB) for the business

  • Business development - Prepared development plans  in order to be in compliance with the specific requirements of government supports

  • Implementation - Overseeing and consulting on the implementations of suggested improvements for the business.

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