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Volunteering for clubs and organizations contributes to my personal growth, improves my time management skills, gives me discipline and structure to my hobbies. Allows me to connect with people and discover new interests. Also contributing to communities gives me a peace of mind. Therefore social clubs and organizations have always been a part of my life. 

Event Planner (2019 - 2020)

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'Art is my life and my life is art.' - Yoko Ono


Being involved with art scene brings me joy and expands my ability to think outside of the box. Therefore I volunteered for Harambee Art Gallery to organize art shows and events. Using my management skills to ensure the successful running of an event, providing assistance wherever needed thought me adopting any last minute changes and preventing chaos while having fun. 

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HAUS Project (Houston Access to Urban Sustainability Project)

Maintenance Coordinator (2019 - 2020)

Garden & Sustainability Manager (2018 - 2019)


Creating new ways to live in harmony with nature and using resources efficiently has always been important to me. Volunteering for Haus Project allowed me to plan and manage projects that are contributing to communities sustainable living. 

Cooking Instructor (2017 - 2018)

I love experimenting in the kitchen. Mixing different ingredients from all around the world, exploring new tastes, new ways of cooking and sharing them with everyone is a big passion for me. I was a volunteer of Eva Brussels working on plant based cooking workshops to show people another way of living is possible.


Electronic Referee ( 2014 - 2017)


I believe a healthy mind can only be in a healthy body. Keep moving is the key to be even more energetic. Therefore I try to do all kinds of sports. I run, swim, ski, do fitness, yoga, play basketball, tennis and many others. I played for many teams during my school years. I became a licensed Electronic Referee for Turkish Ski Federation to keep in touch with Winter Sports and took part in European Olympics Winter Festival 2017 in Erzurum. 


Vice President (2010 - 2015)


I think it is our duty to help others who are in need. Therefore I always try to be part of a charity organization. I have been a member of Rotaract Club since 2010. Building a library for village kids, shelter for stray animals, working to reintegrate  children with Cerebral Palsy Syndrome to society and many other projects that we worked on gave me the happiness of how small things can lead to great changes in lives. 

Producer ( 2010 -2015)


I cannot think of a life without music! Not only listening but also creating keeps you alive, maintains your soul. I sing, play drums, guitar and worked for Radio Bilkent as a producer. I was responsible from creation of shows, teasers and advertisements, which thought me to be creative in an organized way so you can achieve results. 

Volunteer Teacher

I worked Bilkent Social Awareness Projects to give math and science lessons to primary school children who cannot afford to go training center. Connecting with children's lives, understanding how lucky I was growing up changed my way of living completely. I also learned how satisfactory is to share knowledge and contirbute to growth in society. 


Student Project Guide ( 2013 )


I enjoy being intertwined with science all my life. Attended math olympics and developed an Informatics Projects during high school. ​I wanted to help new generation of science students after graduation. Therefore I volunteered as Student Project Guide for the TUBİTAK High School Science Projects Competition, planned schedules and ensured everyone is present on time.  Was responsible for the hotel arrangements, transportation and food distribution for over 180 people​. 

Eva Brusels
Ski Federation
Social Awareness
Radio Bilkent
Tubitak job
Haus Project
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