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Product Manager

Data and Analytics Net Revenue Management Promotion Tool that processes and optimizes data onboarding, modeling and calendar creation for marketing.


- Machine learning is used to drive analytical thinking and use big data for cost savings and margin improvement. ​


- Calendar optimization ​is successfully implemented  and is helping to generate significant additional values to the business including: 

- Increase in revenues 

- Fattened margins 

- Better sales conversions 

- Optimal inventory 

- Decrease in development time for manual calendar creation 

- Leading end to end development of Data Ingestion for multiple Products with the mindset of automation and accuracy of the process

- Lead, plan and participate in Scrum ceremonies in the role of Product Lead with geographically dispersed teams, backlog grooming, user story creation and roadmap alignment across the teams. 

- Investigate and apply best practices to product strategy with a holistic data usage approach to improve AI/ML outcome and efficiency for each Product

- Leading data source investigation and analysis to keep the product relevant with the changing market


Menu Creator

Created an innovative and inclusive fast casual restaurant concept with unique mashing technique.


- Prepared a product line which is; 

Delicious, healthy, convenient yet affordable 

Carefully created to cater all dietary needs

Embraces different cultures and cuisines 

- Sales more than $20K in 10 months

- Sold the Concept to Railway Heights Food Hall  (CompanyOfNomads)

- Sold the Concept to Politan Row Food Hall 


Web Product Manager

French company Sodexo acquired, Xpenditure, the expense management start-up I was working for,  and travel app iAlbatros to create a new travel and expense management software.  During the merge of two apps, I worked as the web product manager and completed the following aspects: 

- Analysis of common features in both apps to determine which features to keep, merge or discard

- Aligning data fields and information of both databases and merge them in a new platform

- Adaptation developments for existing expense features to one common app

- Feature and pricing analysis for different memberships

- Rydoo launched smoothly in June, 2018


Web Product Manager

Countries have their own set of rules for tax deductible daily expense when it comes to work related travel. Created the Per Diem module for Xpenditure covering more than 20 country and adding new features to it as the company grew. 

- Collaborated with Customer Success Team to investigate each country's regulation 

- Created decision tree for demonstrating rules, determine  what features to use

- Turned new necessities into features and divided into tasks

- Created Per Diem Database to calculate allowances automatically for each country


-  Collaborated with Sales Team to grow our customer base, understand new expectations 

- Created user guides and conducted workshops to explain features of the module  

Commercial Card Retention Project 

Marketing Associate

- Created a decision tree that uses multiple data sources and combines parameters such as  expense, customer history and the reason for closure to determine if the customer is worth retaining, and also calculates optimum cost to retain and grow the customer base

- Monthly average of retains went up 9 times while  cost of retaining a card have dropped by 55%


- Created a SAS program to manage, report and evaluate the performance of the process, presented report to upper management every week


- Conducted sales department training about retention and commercial cards to increase success of the project

- Created monthly/seasonal campaigns and ran tests around different Hypothesis to boost usage of the product

- Awarded as the most valuable employee in 2016


Part of the senior project, a group consisting of two electrical engineers, one computer engineer, two business administration students and myself, formed our own company that developed a vehicle recognition system to automate admission of students at the campus gates


- Used quality data to construct confidence intervals for the ability of the device to correctly recognize vehicles

 - Simulated a model of our device to predict the length of the queues that might occur during peak hours


- Awarded of Most Invested Startup Company in Bilkent Stock Market (2015)

Product Video:


Innovative Marketing Campaign

Group Member

Created a marketing strategy to attract new graduates to Vestel

Project consists;

TV advertisement

3D simulation 

Social media game

Awarded as the best strategy in Vestel Case Inovative (2014)



Production Rate increase in Coating Section

Production Planning Intern

Found the current bottleneck of the layout, which was the coating section. Coating process uses the electricity of the particles and is related with the area of the product to be coated. There were two different products: long pieces and short pieces.They are all hanged to the same racks and dipped into coating baths that have a capacity of 3000 ampere. When the long pieces were processed, the capacity of the baths were almost fully used. Because short pieces have a smaller area to coat, the capacity of baths was not fully used when the same number of pieces were processed. Designed a new hanger type for the racks so short pieces can be hanged in pairs which lead to a significant jump in the production. Increased production rate by 70% in the coating section.


The old hangers’ and the new hangers’ photos are:

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 1.15.25 AM.png

Process Improvement Project

Process and Quality Development Intern


- Developed and implemented a new document collection and tracking system

- Collected and analyzed data resulting in finding the root causes of delays.

- Prepared a new schedule in MS Project in order to track new engines and avoid delays


- Designed and prepared a system in MS Access in order to track the location and usage history of the e tools

Sustainable House Project

Group Member

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 4.47.40 AM.png

- Designed an environmentally friendly,  self sufficient house for 4 people, that generates its own electricity and collects/reuses its water. 


- Selected Project for Global Environmental Youth Convention in Tangshan, China (2010)

Personally Rearranging Sleeping Habits

Group Member

Developed a computer program that uses online attention at different hours of the day to create a personalized sleeping schedule to increase productivity. 


Program used continuous performance test taken at different hours of the day to determine if a person is scientifically ‘night owl’ or an ‘early bird’ and suggested new sleeping hours, including naps, to the subject.

- Awarded as the best project in TÜBITAK National Secondary School Project Competition in the field of computer science (2009)

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.01.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 5.00.44 AM.png
PepsiCo Prject
per diems
Senior Project
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